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I was in my twenties, 24 years ago when I walked out of a week day preschool at FB of Oviedo and asked for a new teacher!

Thank you for your voice Now I know why I was Not comfortable with the preschool teachers husband (children's pastor) in my daughters classroom!

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from the “Caring Well” pamphlet, number 3 of their 5 “Ways The Gospel Shapes Our Approach to Sexual Abuse”

3. Churches must seek justice.

Abuse is not just sin. It is also a crime. Churches need to be more concerned about dealing with sexual abuse in a way that demonstrates justice and care for victims than with lawsuits or the damage that scandal might produce.


meanwhile, SBC president Bart seems to think wrongful accusations are the “astronomical” problem here…

As reported by the Baptist Press: “The task force’s mandate from 2022 SBC messengers in Anaheim, CA – who authorized SBC President Bart Barber to appoint the group – defined a “credibly accused” individual as one fulfilling at least one of four criteria…”.

“We’ve got to do this right. What happens if the wrong name gets put on that list the first time we launch it? The damage that could cause to the individual and damage to our convention would be astronomical,” he said. “So, we’ve got to be careful. We’re vetting and re-vetting and making sure it’s done right. Whatever timeline that is, we’ve got to accept it. But we’re working diligently to get it done, and it will be within the next few months.”

-SBC President Bart Barber

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touché and so well stated. i will share a few additional items and quotes below from SBC Caring Well promoters. these items will stand to highlight the dissent and the criticism of this charade of a PR stunted “program” that you see, as well.

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